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Especialista en linux, programador senior en Python y Django



Antonio Ognio




I’m a software architect and backend web developer with 16+ years of experience. I’m also a UNIX system administrator and FLOSS evangelist with 10+ years of experience. I’m currently exploring the emerging landscape of Blockchain technologies while consulting with NGOs and working with private companies in that space.I also have experienced architecting backends for mobile applications making an optimal use of bandwith and energy consumption in the device by HTTP features and machine learning techniques.I’ve worked with Linux, using several distros for the most of my career but currently use Mac OS X as desktop and development environment using virtualization technologies like Vagrant and a version control-backed workflow using Git.The bulk of my programming experience is LAMP-related and Python-based but I’m a very versatile programmer/hacker and during this many years I’ve lend a hand in many other projects using a wide range of tools and programming languages. I’m into programming since I was 10 years old and used to program in BASIC on my Commodore 64.I’ve been working with Django on an almost daily basis for the last 10 years completing a couple dozen big and meaningful projects in that period of time and many other smaller projects and personal hacks.I’ve been an instructor in many IT courses, generally related to Linux, LAMP, OOP, Desing Patterns, algorithms. I’ve participated as speaker and panelist in many FLOSS conferences, mostly in Peru.I also work as a Python and PHP independent consultant. I focus on problem solving, performance tunning, security auditing and code refactoring of LAMP and Django applications written by others.My current self-learning interests include functional/concurrent programming languages like Erlang, Elixir, Scala, Clojure and Go

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